Farewell AquaDive, our North End gem.  This time, reports of your closing were not exaggerated.  Your phone is disconnected.  We’ve heard your fabulous filtration system will soon be replaced by condos. 

Lake City has lost a warm and welcoming community gathering place, not to mention the cleanest and clearest pool water found in our city.  Nothing like a huge, over-sized sand filtration system (built when land was cheap) for clean water.  Your locker rooms might have seen better days, but they had accumulated decades of stories and friendships.  Your hot tub might have been intermittently hot in recent years, but it was always full of friends when your boilers ran full steam. 

RIP AquaDive.  You are irreplaceable to so many of us.  We relied on your calm, warm water for rehab and friendship.  We’ll miss you.